The Life-Saving Importance of Regular Doctor’s Checkup

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be sick to contact a health assessment doctor portside hospitals partner with. You can actually avail of a physician’s guidance even if you’re still feeling well. Why? Regular checkups can be the difference between developing degenerative disease at 50 years old or living a healthy lifestyle at 90 years old. Specifically, here are the reasons setting up regular appointments can be life-saving:



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  1. Prevent the Early Onset of Diseases


It might be difficult to admit, but some diseases are really transmitted through genes. While we can’t do anything about our genes, we can surely find ways to prevent the early onset of diseases we’re predisposed to have. Breast cancer, for instance, can be prevented by visiting a womens doctor portside has today to educate about women’s health.

  1. Lower Your Cost for Healthcare


Did you know someone who just seems to be feeling well only to be diagnosed with a terminal illness recently? This might be scary to think, but there are actually diseases with less noticeable symptoms. Specifically, among the common diseases with subtle symptoms are fatty liver, Lyme disease, diabetes, celiac disease, and colon cancer.


Only regular checkups can help you see the signs of these health conditions ahead of time. Hence, the importance of the services a health assessment doctor Portside health centres have these days can never be taken for granted. Why? We know how expensive the hospitalisation cost can get. And having a sick loved one can cause financial and emotional stress on the entire family.

  1. Make the Necessary Lifestyle Adjustments for Better Health


On a more positive note, setting up a regular doctor’s checkup is a great way to get guidance on the necessary lifestyle adjustments you need to make. Do you want to improve your sleeping patterns? Do you like to lose weight? Or do you want to achieve a toned body?


Whatever is your health goal, you can rely on a general practitioner or GP in Eagle Farm to clarify your goals and give you plan to achieve them. Through a detailed health assessment, you’ll know which parts of your lifestyle you need to improve. Perhaps, you might need to make better food choices, as well as improve your exercise routine, sleeping patterns, and stress handling skills.

  1. Allows You to Keep Track of Your Health


Are you a young professional who’s putting more hours at work for promotion purposes? Are you a new parent who’s still adjusting to the responsibilities of parenthood? Or are you a senior citizen who’s now managing chronic degenerative health conditions? Regardless of your age or gender, you need to visit a health assessment doctor Portside hospitals have in store for you to monitor your health. Sickness knows no age, and emergencies can happen anytime. And only through checkups could we be able to know our risks of certain illnesses.


Visiting Portside Medical Centre or any other hospitals could be the best decision you can make to take charge of your health. Yes, this could mean additional expense on your end, but the benefits will be worth it. Just set an appointment with a reputable GP in Northshore to receive world-class health care.